Content is Currency

When you get Content. You get Customers

The Twin Towers of Modern Marketing

Do you remember the twin towers? Of course, you do. Why wouldn't you, unless you were born sometime after September 2001. In case you don't.. today we celebrate 16 years since that awful Tuesday afternoon in 2001 when the whole world was in...

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How to Make your Email Engaging

Email is still one of the fundamentals of digital marketing. In fact of business communication as a whole. Despite the existence of platforms like Skype, Facebook's Messenger and Slack, email still forms the backbone of all business communication. This means that...

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Why having a blog is important

Today, everything is done online. That is why your company needs a blog Most companies and customers are engaging online. WHY EVERY COMPANY SHOULD HAVE A BLOG… So you have heard the term “BLOG” and probably wondering what a “BLOG” all about is. A blog is frequently...

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Defining digital marketing

Arthur, for the sake of time, asked his 10 year old daughter Nia to record this video clip where he explains digital marketing in the briefest terms he could at the time.

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