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What is Website Optimization?

What is Website Optimization? Yes that's the title of the post.  It's kinda new to us here at Fluence after our founder was introduced to the concept by one Rich Page who wrote the book on the subject sometime in 2013. And I bet you don't know exactly what website...

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WordPress SEO for bloggers

So you have a blog and you're not sure how Wordpress SEO works. We do. And we'll be happy to share the basics with you. But only the basics. Because just like our SEO consultants read, update, educate and refresh their own knowledge on a daily basis.. you ought to do...

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Why do you need an optimized website

With an optimized website you are fully aware of the fact that your website is your storefront and that global interconnectedness can cause visitors to find or come to your website any time of the day or night.

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Your URL can save your business

the agency that took on the Durban Business Fair’s digital marketing (if we can call it that) then proceeded to register the domain URL “dbnbusinessfair.com”. This was obviously done out of sheer desperation as the domain “durbanbusinessfair.com” was and still is available to be registered.

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Defining digital marketing

Arthur, for the sake of time, asked his 10 year old daughter Nia to record this video clip where he explains digital marketing in the briefest terms he could at the time.

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The book that spawned the agency

The book became the foundation for many an online project he undertook after completing that course, and to this day the book is in use as a reference work in all coding work at Fluence New Marketing

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